I drink this cheap German lager beer, Henninger. Must be dumped from the European market. It is cheaper than any Australian beer. it comes in a green bottle, with ‘Henninger’ in red on the label. It seems to have been first produced in 1869 in Frankfurt An Main. A small silver logo just above the red text displays an “H” and a “B”, with a tall castle in-between. Some other text proclaims, “TRADITIONAL GERMAN BREWING” and “FULLY IMPORTED FROM GERMANY”. There is more information on the rear label, but reading this would mean lifting my hands from the keyboard to manually turn the bottle around. It would also demand switching on the light because the day is dying. A soft grey settles over the white clouds beyond my hedge. The bottle of beer is empty. It will soon be in the bin. I really can’t leave empty beer bottles on the table. Despite all my shortcomings, I have some lingering standards.

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