Some Things

A Chinese fan composed of diverse items. Actually just three: the keys to my motorbike; a letterbox advert for Samsung mobile phones; and a packet of Ramset Wallmate picture hanging anchors and hangers. The body of some exemplary mobile phone user appears headless, handless and legless at the lower edge of the sun faded advert. The cable of my Mac runs in a broad arc from the side of my laptop across the wrists of this illusory person to the edge of the table and then downwards to the floor. This last bit is out of sight, although I can see the cable continuing well beyond that point to a jumbled power outlet beneath a small side table that holds my stereo system and few knicknacks, notably a brass buddha and a toy rhinoceros made of wood and wire. The person in the advert is wearing a striped beige and white, semi-button down tee shirt with broad white lapels. How can this possibly suggest the present or the future? What is being sold to me?

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