Just a few things, some academic, some not.

Ingelara (1982)
Cairns (mid-1980s)
Aristotle and Excess (1987)
Debbie Does Halloween (1987)
Nature (1990)
Moss Vale (1990)
Her Name (1992)
Dumb and Unemployed (1992)
Bolts, Climbing and the Aesthetics of Wilderness Experience (1994)
Risking Code (2007)
Bourriaud and the Aesthetics of Electronic Interaction (2009)
Pre-Socratic Media Theory (2009)
Computational Drawing: Code and Invisible Operation (2011)
Merge/Multiplex (2012)
Walking, Drawing and Procedure (2012)
A Line Made By Walking and Assembling Bits and Pieces of the Bodywork of Illegally Dumped Cars Found at the Edge of Roads and Tracks in the Illawarra Escarpment (2013)
Walking in Paris and Woonona: 11 Days in Search of Alignment (2013)
Table (2014)
The Event (2014)
Latent Relations: Photography and the Unseen Character of Lived Experience (2018)

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  1. Craig Smith says:

    Dear Professor Brunt,

    My name is Craig Smith. I am working on a book about Relational Art. I would like to refer to a statement in your essay: “Bourriaud and the Aesthetics of Electronic Interaction” including:

    “The notion of relational summons the thinking of networks, links, virtual entities that are functionally inter-related and that behave like a digital program or system.” (2)


    “…establishing theatrical frameworks in which aspects of sociality can be investigated and questioned.” (6)

    I would like to know if you have published this essay in another form or with a publisher outside of your website, and what year you published the essay (online or other).

    If you have any other information you wish me to include when creating these citations please let me know and I will take care to do so.

    Thank you for your assistance,

    Dr. Craig Smith
    United States

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