Tonight I decided that I had seen enough of the sea, so I took a stroll through the suburbs. I wandered along the tree-lined Chenhalls St, with its old wooden houses and distant view to the steelworks. I turned left towards the lights of Woonona Bowling Club and then veered right along the flat towards Hollymount Park. In the darkness, I could scarcely see the knee height cable that had to be crossed to continue on to the cricket oval. A long white cloud was visible just above the horizon to the south. It appeared speared on a tall and unlit playing light. The moon was surrounded by an oily haze. Crossing several ovals, I found my way back to the Princes Highway. I followed Hale, Albert and Alfred St until I reached Chenhalls and Gray St. Then I was home. I’d left the front light on, so my house looked bright and hospitable. I walked up the blue steps to the small landing, opened the door with my key and entered a place curiously mine.

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