Today I had a bill for $1,511 dollars to pay for a new center differential in my car. I withdrew $1500 dollars in cash from my personal bank account, but was unable to pick up the car because the garage closed at 5pm. I had to get a lift home. I collected my mail on the way in. It included two bills. The first was one was from Sydney Water for $223.85. A little bar chart showed that I had consumed 237 kilolitres for the quarter. The previous owner had consumed 345 kilolitres during the same period last year. I ended up switching my payment mode to direct debit so that I don’t have to worry about water bills anymore. Instead they are automatically paid monthly. The second bill was from the NRMA. I must pay $187.50 by the 24th of May to maintain road side assistance for my motorcycle. But now I also need the same thing for my car, so I will have to upgrade my policy to include two vehicles – thankfully this comes with a 25% saving.

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