Just a single pineapple left. Some things shiver in the breeze – loose bits of paper, the covers of books. The apples are now visible. Utterly unconscious, they wait to be eaten. They abandon themselves to whatever happens. I cannot allow myself to slip into inactivity today. I thought I could deal with any eventuality. I thought that I would somehow discover the resources to manage, and particularly to manage on my own, but I am less certain now. It would be best to stop thinking. I need to make a small table. I need to buy a few things. Sometimes that’s all it takes, but I’m wondering whether any of this can genuinely work any longer. Even to look outside seems to amount to little more than an effort to roll over and go to sleep. The sun plays tentatively on the grass and then withdraws. There are light puffy clouds in the sky. The breeze lifts. I had been thinking of going for a bike ride.

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