A list of things to accomplish today would be useful. Documents to prepare, include in agendas and distribute. A new front motorbike tire and repairs to my car transmission. A visit to the doctor to attend to my hand. Drop in on a few people. Do some housework. And especially don’t forget to phone the lawyers. After all, I have paid the account. Crazy not to have my name on the will. All I need to do is make an appointment and go in and sign the thing, but I have put off this simple task for months. Once I have neglected something for a sufficiently long time then it becomes tempting to see if I can neglect it altogether. After all, does it really matter if nothing is accomplished? Who will notice? How long will it take them to notice? By the time they notice it is quite likely that everything will have moved on, that none of this will be perceived as important anymore. Neglect is the impulse towards life.

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