Another Morning

If I am being honest, only the most minor things have changed since yesterday. My phone is almost certainly in a different position, although it still straddles the divide between the table proper and its extension, and it is still rotated some twenty degrees away from the perpendicular table edge. My wallet has also almost certainly moved. I seem to recall that it was on my left, now it is on my right. It lies resolutely closed to me. I can only just see the edge of some plastic cards. I do recognise one new thing – a letter that arrived yesterday from the Australian Electoral Commission. Once again, I have not opened it. I must however have placed it in my back pocket last night. It has been folded a number of times. I placed it in my back pocked to avoid throwing it out with the rest of my mail – all unwanted stuff. I will say nothing of changes in the garden or sky. I will do my best to remain simply attentive.

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