Above the black jacket, which has returned again, is another bowl of fruit – only recently here. It contains a small bunch of bananas, two pomegranates, two small mangoes and two green avocados. One of the mangoes has a prominent white label. It is raining heavily outside. I stopped and brought in some old tools placed just outside on the kitchen step – a petrol powered drill, an electric grinder and a heavy blue vice. I also brought inside a plastic container of old photographs with a ripped lid, just in case the rain should blow under the roof and damage the images. I have not used the tools or looked at the photographs in a very long time. I have not yet eaten any of the fruit. The rain is continuing, occasionally becoming heavier, occasionally easing off. I look at the fruit, the tools and the box, waiting for something to happen, waiting for something to appear to me. I could describe the rain as incessant.

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