A bunch of keys lying correctly – split apart but composed – on the table. All the keys are visible. And the key ring at the centre with other key rings coming off it, like the rings of planets, like Olympic rings, like nothing at all. Black plastic in the ether above and below, but well formed – broad arcs, each returning the symmetry of a single shape. There are five keys altogether. The three smallest keys splayed at the centre, while the large keys that plunge out from the black plastic lozenges point down and to the right. At the end of an articulated link connected to the centre ring is the silhouette of a miniature house. This is so the keys never become lost. The whole collection is is on several sheets of loosely associated paper. There is a phone number scrawled on one of the visible sheets – 4239 2550. I am listening to music from Gaziantep. It is raining again. The rest of the house is in darkness.

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