I will henceforth refer to the project, A Line Made By Walking and Assembling Bits and Pieces of the Bodywork of Illegally Dumped Cars Found at the Edge of Roads and Tracks in the Illawarra Escarpment, by the convenient acronym, ALMBWABPBIDCFERTIE. Since I expect to make no more than 100 posts in the process of undertaking this project, each post will be referred to in numbered sequence from 0 through to an upper limit of 99. It seems unlikely that I will require this number of posts, but always nice to know that additional posts are available if needed. I could, of course, reduce any slight uncertainty by including an additional digit, which would enable me up to 1000 posts, but then there is the considerable risk that the final digit will prove superfluous. Better I think to enforce a more strict maximum. I should note that the initial proposal falls outside the total set.

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