Big westerly wind last night – pool full of leaves. (Searching for another image of light.)

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  1. arghhh … but what’s the relationship with walking?

    Reading these posts, I am anticipating the discovery of an aesthetic. Waiting for it.

    If this post has nothing to do with walking, then perhaps you have already discovered the aesthetic…. because there is, seemingly, continuity with the other images.

    If there is no walking involved in taking these images, but the delta in these images is still time then perhaps the aesthetic is around changes in light as a result of time. And perhaps taking a walk is one way to define a period of time. Maybe that’s it …. taking photos around an activity … where the change in light in the photos is a reflection of the time taken to complete the activity. And walking is only one such activity.

    Or is this image changes in aperture? Or is it the same image taken on different cameras? (that would be back to technology … the change in eye of different cameras … a demonstration of the bias of technology )

    • actually, no…. I think the aesthetic is the blog used as artist’s journal … except the twist is that readers are able to witness the unfolding of the work of art in real-(artist)-time.

      Creates a sense of anticipation … of the impending work of art.

      No pressure 😛

  2. brogan says:

    The point, for me, is that running marks the interval between the top and the bottom shots. It is not itself depicted. It is positioned as an absence. This is to permit the running activity its distance from the aesthetic, as well as its relation to oblivion. I try to explain something of this in the post “1 Run”. The relation between image and running activity is clearly indirect. It is marked by a deliberate work of ellipsis. Only the reference to running in the title of the blog entry and the clear association to earlier blog entries makes the hidden process of running manifest.

    No changes in aperture – just light, framing, and focal length. I do my best to replicate aspects of framing and focal length, but not in any strict manner. I am interested in the slight differences that emerge between the pre-run and post-run images. Here my concern is to explore the intimate relation between repetition and novelty.

    I do have to go on the run to produce the images. Though the running is not visible, it does inform the images. It constitutes both a ritual requirement and a precise temporal interstice without which the images wouldn’t exist or look precisely as they do.

    Not really confident about any of this – it is just a kind of strangely public, private experiment.

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